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Our vision is to see the gospel saturate a people, awakening them to the glory of God to treasure Jesus as better.

In Well Students, we partner with parents to provide a gospel-saturated spiritual family for students (7th-12th) by discipling them personally through adult mentorship, parent resourcing, and peer-to-peer relationships, giving them the resources and care they need to teach, talk, and tie the gospel into everyday life themselves.




Whether in the Sunday gathering or in Student Gospel Community every other Wednesday, we love students like "family" (standing in the theological "framework" of Well Elementary on the"foundation" of Well Kids) by providing them with a safe place to be, connect, grow, and lead, a philosophy adapted from by The Village Church in Flower Mound, TX.



Be real, known, and loved by a church family. Be a member of the church.



Connect with God with others in worship. Worship with us Sunday mornings.



Grow in Christlikeness with others in community. Be a part of our Student GC.



Lead others through Spirit-empowered service. Serve others in/outside the church.

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Each of our volunteers have completed a rigorous safety screening process and stands ready to serve you and your student with the love of Jesus! Interested in serving as a Small Group Leader? Contact Sean! *Membership is required.

Our Student Gospel Community meets every other Wednesday night from 7:30-9pm in the community (Braums, Chick-fil-a, etc) and mirrors our adult GC structure closely. We spend time reflecting on God's Word together from the sermon and move into a time of confession, encouragement, care, and prayer. There are also FREE snacks :)

For more information about Well Students, email me, Sean Kelly, at or see our FAQs below.

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"My prayer for the Well is that every man, woman, and child who comes would feel welcomed, loved, and hear the really good news of Jesus!"



How old does my student need to be to participate?

Well Students serves students 7-12th grade and their parents. However, Student GC is for students only and is not divided into more age or grade specific groups at this time.

What will my student do at Student GC?

Upon ordering and getting to know one another, students and leaders (or leader) will spent time reflecting on God's Word together from the sermon, then move into a time of confession, encouragement, care for one another, and prayer much like an adult GC.

What should my student bring?

A Bible should be sufficient. Journals with sermon notes are helpful too. Drinks, snacks, and/or desserts are provided. Face masks are highly encouraged not required.

Is dinner provided?

Not currently but drinks, snacks, and/or desserts are on us!

When does their Student Gospel Community meet?

Currently, our Student Gospel Community meets every other Wednesday night from 7:30-9pm. Where? It changes week to week! Text me, Sean Kelly, at (817)-915-9140 if you want to know where we're at.

What if my student is not feeling well?

In Well Students, we try to provide the safest, healthiest environment possible. Please do not bring your students to the Sunday gathering or Student GC if they have had any of the following symptoms in the past 24 hours: - Fever - Shortness of breath - Dulled sense of smell and/or taste - Vomiting - Diarrhea - Discharge in/around the eyes - Severe rash - Excessive coughing

Is there anything specific for Students on Sunday mornings?

No. We don't offer any Student-specific gatherings on Sunday mornings nor do we plan to for the forseeable future. We treat students 7-12th grade much like adults, being young adults themselves, and encouraged them to worship alongside their families and friends in the main worship gathering.